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Accelerator-1 Angled Carb Spacer

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A NEW Angle for Left Turns!

If you are struggling with sluggish starts or poor mid-corner throttle response, the answer is here!

The Patent pending ACCELERATOR 1 Carb Spacer is proven to put an end to that "stumble" in the center of the corner that most circle track racecars experience.
The original 'Accelerator-1' is now being replaced with a new and updated design. After extensive examination, careful study and testing, the team of innovators discovered what works best with the original design and made modifications to those areas where the original product was lacking.

The DYNO numbers were pleasing from the first cut of the spacer, but we know that DYNO results are not always the best test for this type of product; so, they took the product to the track. After several different test sessions, multiple drivers on various tracks across the United States. Favorable track testing aligned with their DYNO results!

o More even float level through the corners at race speeds.
o Stronger carburetor booster signal for quicker throttle response and smoother acceleration.
o Proper carb placement on intake for mid-corner acceleration, when the car is rocked up and changes direction.
o Fastrak & Durrance Layne Approved

This kit includes:
o 1 billet aluminum Accelerator 1-PLUS
o 1 upper and 1 lower spacer gasket 
o Instructions on how to modify your carburetor to use this spacer

Notes: (Other body/hood and air box etc. modifications may be necessary for use). Other modifications will depend on your specific car or body.

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