AFCO 16+ Ultralight Curved Vane Rotor Left Hand Flat Faced .810 x 11.76

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AFCO's 16+ rotor is the perfect combination of light-weight, excellent cooling and strength. Unique curved vane design reduces weight while retaining surface support to lessen the chance of cupping. Available in slotted or flat faced design, these .810 thick rotors are ready to take you to the winners circle! 

Features & Benefits

• Ultra-lightweight rotor has 16 curved vanes plus additional supports to reduce cupping.
• Designed using premium grade alloys for superb thermal shock stability.
• Machined and double disc ground to assure precise flatness.
• Curve vaned for high volume cooling.
• Premium center - split castings reduce stress risers.
• Rotationally machined balanced - CNC.
• Thickness allows standard mounting configurations without use of pad spacers.
• 8 X 7” bolt circle.

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