AFCO 21 Series Dirt Late Model Aluminum Non-Adjustable Shocks, 7" Stroke, 1" Longer Shaft

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AFCO aluminum mono-tube, fixed valve late model shockshave a threaded body for ease of installing coil-over springs. This gas pressure shock allows racer to change pressure to his/her preference. Owner serviceable with custom valving available.

AFCO's 21 Series Non-Adjustable Gas Shocks offer:

  • Fixed valving in a gas pressure design
  • Threaded for Coil-Over Applications
  • User Serviceable/Repairable

21 Series Shocks
Description 7"D Stroke (1" longer shaft)
Compressed 13.53"
Extended 20.47"

3 Valve

3-5 Valve 2173-5D
4 Valve 2174D
4-6 Valve 2174-6D
5 Valve 2175D
5-3 Valve 2175-3
5-6 Valve 2175-6D
6 Valve 2176D

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