AFCO Forward Dual Swing Pedals 6.25: 1 Ratio

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The forward mount 6.25:1 ratio pedal assembly has been designed to mount in most popular cars that require a forward mount pedal assembly. The pedal assembly uses the standard popular bolt pattern for installation in the car as well as master cylinder installation.

The upper mount has been engineered to reduce flex by 52% over the competition. Additionally, the brake pedal itself is of H-beam designed and, forged from aluminum, this design eliminates flex promoting exact pedal feel and response.

Further features include a “tie bar” designed bias bar adding strength and aids in properly setting master cylinder push rod spacing, again improving brake system performance.

• NEW for 2016 - extra long bias adjuster to allow even more adjustment.
• H-beam forged aluminum pedal design.
• Ultra-strong upper mount has 52% less flex than the competition.
• Ultra high strength bias bar; same strength of 7/16” bias bar in the traditional 3/8” size.
• Rounded clevis design prevents bias-bar lock-up at extreme limits of travel.
• Integral bias bearing stops prevent lock-up when adjusting bias.
• Two ¼”-20 auxiliary mounting posts for added rigidity.
• Extra coarse, industrial grade anti-skid foot pads.
• Internal hex in bias bar eases bias set up.
• 6.25:1 Pedal ratio.
• 4.36 lbs.
• AFCO master cylinders sold separately.

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