AFCO IMCA Hobby Stock Steel Monotube Non-Adjustable Shock Package

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We worked with the shock experts at AFCO to develop a shock package for our IMCA Hobby Stock customers.  This package features (10) shocks, allowing you to adjust for different tracks and conditions.  Of course, if you need individual shocks, or would like your own custom package, just give us a call.

AFCO's 70 Series Stock Mount Monotube Shocks offer great consistency and tunability.  All AFCO Racing Shocks are 100% dyno tested.  These are a great choice for the classes that allow take apart stock mounted shocks.  They feature stock mount legal tie-bars and bushings and OE compatible hardware.  Shocks have a 1/2" hard chrome piston rod.

Package Includes:

Left Front:

  • 70-1-4-4 Standard
  • 70-1-3-5 Flat or Slick Track
  • 70-1-4-6 Very Fast, Hooked-Up Track (To help the car turn in)

Right Front:

  • 70-1-5-5 Standard
  • 70-1-3-6 Fast Track
  • 70-1-5-3 Flat or Slick Track

Right Rear

  • 70-2-3-3 Smooth Slick Track
  • 70-2-4-4 Heavy Fast Track

Left Rear

  • 70-2-6-3 Fast Big Track
  • 70-2-3-6 Slick or Slow Track

Other Details:

  • 70-1: 1.5" Body Diameter - 9.27" Compressed Length - 13.97" Extended Length
  • 70-2: 2.0" Body Diameter - 12.73" Compressed Length - 20.00" Extended Length
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