AFCO Lightweight 11.75" Pillar Vane Rotor, Drilled 1.25" Thick

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To further your brake program, add AFCO's Drilled Pillar Vane Rotors for one of the strongest yet lightest combination possible in Late Models.  These rotors have the same strength as a heavy 80 vane rotor in a package that is the same weight as a 32 vane rotor, giving you a rotor you can rely on.

  • Designed using premium grade alloys for superb thermal shock stability
  • Machined and double disc ground to assure precise flatness
  • Precise pillar placement for high volume cooling
  • Premium center - split castings reduce stress risers
  • Rotationally machined balanced - CNC
  • More brake pad surface support (pillars) to prevent rotor cupping
  • Strength of an 80 vane rotor with the weight savings of a 32 vane rotor
  • Machine balanced to reduce vibration
  • Increased cooling capacity - allows for trail braking lap after lap
  • Drilled to allow gas to escape - improves rotor and pad efficiency
  • 1.25" thick
  • 7" bolt circle
  • 11.75" diameter
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