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AR Bodies SS Chevy Camaro Sportsman Dirt Street Stock - A-Package - #AR-154014A-x

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AR Bodies Colors (+) 126

This A package includes all of your basic body panels


Durable Plastic Nose & Rear Bumper Cover

Plastic Fenders, Plastic Quarter Panels

Special design Street Stock Composite Roof with Rolled Front Edge

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Cowl

Aluminum Rocker Panels

Aluminum Quarter Post

Aluminum A-post

Composite *Flat Hood

Available in white and 6 other colors 


*Painting your body can add up to 30lbs to its weight if you prime and seal it. Much of that added weight is up to 48” in the air which is not what you want on a race car. Our precolored bodies do not add any extra weight… A Great weight savings and its more economical than painting!



$75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)