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Billet Aluminum Stagger Gauge by Longacre Racing Products #LON-52-50840

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Longacre manufactures some of the best setup equipment on the market.  Accurate stagger measurements are vital for consistent handling. This gauge is different from others on the market, from the inner and outer tubes of special 6061 T6 precision aluminum extrusions to the 3/8” thick T6 Billet arms that don’t flex this tool will give you the accuracy you need to run your best.

The Longacre Advantage

  • Tight Tolerance Tube
    • Tight tolerance inner & outer tube for more accurate readings
  • Billet Arms
    • Thick 3/8" T6 Billet for extra rigidity (some other brands are 1/4" or less)
  • Bolted Together
    • No welding distortion - Anodized red
  • Scales on 2 SidesReads to 1/8" Increments
    • Easy to read with the tires on the car or on the ground
    • From 62" to 110" (most others only read to 1/4")

Style: Square tube with tight tolerance
Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
Finish: Red anodized billet
Arms: 7-3/4" x 3/8" thick T6 billet
Arm Roller: No
Range: 62" - 110" circumference
Increments: 1/8"
Scales: Dual sided
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