Dynatech 604 Dirt Late Model Header Package with Anti-Reversion Mufflers

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This is our most popular header package for 604 Dirt Late Models.

The header kit includes headers to fit your chassis, an 80 degree elbow, an extension piece, and specially designed mufflers. Each of the items are also available separately.

Headers:  These Long Tube Dirt Late Model Headers are designed for use with GM 604 engines. The Long Tube design promotes excellent torque throughout the RPM range. The tubes step from 1-5/8" to 1-3/4" and join to a 3" collector.  CNC Laser Cut Flanges and optimized tube length for best overall performance. 17 gauge steel construction and surfaced flanges make this a durable header that remains leak free for multiple racing seasons.  Comes standard with a one-year warranty.

Elbow: 3.00” Mandrel Bent 80 Degree Elbow. Specifically designed for use with Dynatech Dirt Late Model Headers. This is an excellent way to get the exhaust routed inside the sheet metal on the driver’s side. This elbow can also be used in various other applications. Designed as a “short” elbow, meaning that the short side has enough straight section to slip over the connecting tube and then immediately go into the bend. Mandrel bent for no reduction in exhaust flow. 17 gauge steel and painted with High-Temp Black paint.

Extension:  14.00" long straight extension to be installed on the right side header.  When you install the 80 degree elbow on the left side, you add approximately 14.00" of length to the system.  By installing this 14.00" extension to the right side, the two sides become closer to being equal in length.

Anti-Reversion Mufflers:  These mufflers were designed and developed by Hendren Racing Engines, manufactured by Dynatech.  Designed to add torque to a 604, they are also sized to fit the header package perfectly.


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