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E-85 Carburetor by David Smith Carburetors

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David Smith Carbs E-85 Carburetor is Maximized for use with engines running E-85 Fuel.  1.300" Venturi Size with a Ported Intersection.  Porting makes this 650 CFM Carb closer to a 700 CFM.

Composed of billet center, lightweight aluminum bowls, billet metering blocks and billet base plate.  It has custom boosters and custom calibration.  Also features stainless steel butterflies.  The unit can be powder coated in red or black.  The floats and mixer screws are preset.  The only adjustment you will need to make is to set your curb idle speed.

This carb is set up for your fuel so you can bolt it on and go!  

Nesmith Legal

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