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FAST Billet Race Distributor #FST-1000-1510

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FAST 1000-1510 Billet Race Distributor, Dual-Sync, Large Cap, Fits Chevy SB/'BB, perfect for crate late model and crate modifieds

These FAST dual-sync billet distributors are an easy, drop-in, plug-and-play solution for fully sequential high performance V8 electronic fuel injection engine applications. They feature reluctors and pickups that have been properly aligned right out of the box, so you don't have to set crankshaft reference angles or phasing in the rotor prior to installation. The FAST dual-sync billet distributors have housings that are CNC-machined from high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum and include adjustable slip collars to ensure perfect cam gear alignment.

FAST XDi Sportsman distributors are designed to deliver the most accurate trigger signal possible throughout the entire rpm range of your race engine. This is accomplished through the use of an advanced Hall-effect style pickup, which is then converted to a signal that most CD ignition controls accept. The benefit of a Hall-effect pickup is: there is no retard, commonly called magnetic pickup compensation—so you can ensure your timing remains stable from idle to race rpm. Inside the CNC-machined billet housing is a polished stainless steel shaft that is supported with sealed ball bearing on the top and a long bushing on the bottom. They've also reduced end play in the distributor to take out any timing variations and damage to the gear.

XDi Sportsman Distributor for 1955-1996 Small And Big Block Chevy - Large Cap

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