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FAST E6/E92 Digital CD Ignition Box & Coil Kit #FST-306401

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Designed To Work Flawlessly w/ FAST™ EFI Systems, Creating A Fully Engineered Fuel & Ignition Solution

The FAST™ E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit is a complete matching CD ignition kit, which ensures optimum performance and durability. The engineers at FAST™ specifically designed the ignition coil based on the output specifications of the CD ignition boxes. The E6 digital CD Ignition Kit is electronic fuel injection friendly and was designed and tested to work with all FAST™ EFI systems. However, this product can be used in all carbureted applications as well, which gives the consumer more confidence in the compatibility of the E6 Digital CD Ignition Kit and all the FAST™ EFI systems. The FAST™ E6 Digital Ignition Kit fires multiple sparks per cylinder while the engine is below 3000 RPM. This provides more complete burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber, which in turn contributes to a smoother running engine and better fuel economy.

Complete matched system ensures optimum performance & durability

Ignition coil is specifically designed based on the output specifications of the CD ignition boxes

Designed to support all FAST™ EFI systems & all carbureted applications

Features multiple spark technology for a smoother running engine & increased fuel economy

Approved for use at NHRA events

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