FAST - Fuel Air Spark Technology

Fast E6 Ignition Box Digital CD Ignition Box - #FST-6000-6700

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  • Built-in 20 degree start retard feature, up to 600 RPM
  • Bigger rotary switches with precise "Click-In" detents for easy rev limit adjustments; no "chips" needed; adjusts in 100 RPM increments
  • Adjusts in 100 RPM increments, 1,500-9,900 RPM
  • Shock mounts included for race conditions
  • Fully potted with new, soft urethane for heat, dirt and moisture protection
  • Surface-mount, fully digital components
  • The most reliable CD ignition available
  • Multi-Spark for quick, clean start up
  • CD (Capacitive Discharge) ignition
  • Digital design for precise operation
  • Sequential rev limiter for longer engine life
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