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FAST E7 CD Ignition Controller #FST-307222

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FAST E7 Digital CD ignition boxes allow the full performance of a race engine in applications where high-rpm, high-compression nitrous oxide and boost are common.

  • The high-output capacitive ignitions are race-specific digital units that are fully environmentally protected.
  • They include two built-in rev limiters, a tachometer output, and 20 degrees of start/retard for less wear and easier starting in high-compression engines.
  • Providing a 160 mJ output, the FAST E7 Digital CD ignition boxes provide enough energy to ensure a complete combustion process, which translates into maximum power.
  • The fully digital operation offers faster and more accurate spark timing and rev limits than analog systems
  •  A wide battery voltage range lets them be used in high-voltage 16 V systems, as well as in applications that operate with much lower voltage.


In addition, the boxes draw only one amp of current per 1,000 rpm, placing much less load on an application's battery. Their composite enclosure saves weight, while an aluminum-finned, extruded heat sink improves heat dissipation.

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