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JOES A-Arms - 0 Degree Bearing Style - Steel Shaft

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JOES Bearing Style A-Arms are the latest rage.  The arm section lets you carry additional lengths for use with just one shaft.  This feature saves you money and allows for quick changes at the track.  4 Sealed Roller Bearings eliminate nearly all resistance, giving you rotating action that is incredibly smooth.  The split design works perfectly for cars where the A-Arm needs to wrap around the frame mount.  The JOES design is more rigid than competing models that flex and create unwanted variables in your suspension.  Slotted designs accepts JOES A-Arm Slug (Available separately).

This listing is for the 0 Degree Bearing Style with a Steel Shaft.  Also available in 10 Degree or 20 Degree in either Steel or Aluminum. (See separate listings)


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