Oil Testing Kit - Includes Lab Fees

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This kit contains a sampling container, protective case for the sample, and an envelope with Prepaid Postage to the lab.  Lab analysis fees are included in the price.  Just send in your sample with all of the information filled in and you will receive your lab results by email within 2 business days from the time the lab receives your sample.

Kits can be ordered individually, or purchase them by the case and save money.

If you have been wondering how often you should change the oil in your race car, let science help you decide.  Take a sample after each race night for several nights and mark the samples accordingly (Night 1, Night 2, etc).  Your reports will contain information about the contaminants found in the oil and will also give recommendations.

Samples are tested at an independent lab

Oil Lab Testing Procedures--
--Samples are opened and numbered
--Wear Metals and Additives are tested
--FT-IR scans are performed
--Viscosity is checked 
--Customer sample information is input
--Sample is tested and analyzed
--Results are available on the website
--Two business day turnaround
--E-mail notification for customer
--Paper copy for customer if needed