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PFC Brakes Complete ZR24 Front Package for Late Models

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PFC Brakes new ZR24 is revolutionary.  The ZR24 Caliper is a Mono-Bloc design and weighs in at only 3 pounds!  The floating rotor design is more effective and gives great control.  Each item is available separately.

Currently taking Pre-Orders for this item.  We expect them to be available January 2017.  Orders will ship in the order they are received.

Package contains: Caliper (24.284 SERIES  - Leading Left - 120 x 40 Mounting.) Caliper (24.284 SERIES  - Leading Right - 120 x 40 Mounting.) Bracket Bracket 


284.19.0035.452 Disc (FITS PFC ZR24 CALIPER - SLOTTED, Left)

284.19.0035.462 Disc (FITS PFC ZR24 CALIPER - SLOTTED, Right) Hat (Wide 5 / 8 Bolt Hub  .380" (9.65mm offset)) Hat (Wide 5 / 8 Bolt Hub  .380" (9.65mm offset))


7835.11.18.44 Pads (PFC ZR24(271mm) CALIPER - F3)

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