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Professional Finish Detailer by Daytona 1

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We absolutely love using this product on race cars!  Ideal for all hard surfaces,  the silicone base even brings a shine to plastic body and nose pieces.  It helps the entire car present a more professional appearance.  Just spray it on and buff, or let it dry for a super shiny "From the Factory" finish.

There are also traditional uses outside of Racing:
Professional Finish Detailer is a great final detail product with a silicone based coating that is designed to treat vinyl, fabric, leather and polycarbonate substrates. Specially formulated for vinyl, engine compartments, body moldings and other polycarbonate substrates...even those hard to reach air conditioner ducts. Also for bumpers, bumper guards and door jambs not made of rubber.

Available in 11 oz Spray Cans

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