By popular demand, here are the 2018 602 Crate Engine Recommendations from Hendren Racing Engines. We take you through their entire list of tips, tricks, and products they recommend. To download a printable copy, go to

Here are the items mentioned in the video:

Spark Plug Wires: Plug Wire Set - 8.5mm Sleeved Firewire by FAST:

Schaeffer Oil:

Klotz Oil:

Daytona 1 XL-1 Engine Treatment. Available in 16 oz:

or 64 oz:

Wix Oil Filter:

Spark Plugs: NGKR5724-8s

Willy’s Carbs:

David Smith Carbs:

Willy’s Super Bowl System:

Dynatech Headers:

HVH Carb Spacer:

Jones Racing Products:

KRC Power Steering:

Hendren 2-Blade Fan:

3-Blade Race-Fan:

Walker Air Filter:

Crate Insider Flat Air Filter Base:

GM 602 Valve Springs:

Matched Set GM 602 Valve Springs:

LSM Racing Products Valve Spring Pressure Tester:

Klotz CR-604 Fuel:

Cold Air Box:


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