About Us

We're Here to Help You WIN!

At Crate Insider, we are passionate about Crate Engines and achieving the best performance from them. We were established in 2014 with the vision of bringing Crate info together in one place. Our racing parts are the best of the best. We strive to make our customer experience the best out there. We want our customers to have access to the best and newest parts and tech available, as they are the backbone of our business - and our reason for being here everyday. 


We bring Crate Racing together in one place. We are the ONE source for tech info specifically for Crate motors. Our panel of experts includes industry professionals who have the knowledge to respond to the most technical questions.


Check out our Series section to see Rules from multiple sanctioning bodies. You can also see the list of Approved Engine Rebuilders to find the one who is most suited to your needs.


One thing we are NOT - is the place to learn how to cheat engines. With the technical advice you can see on the site, you won't need a cheat engine to win. At CrateInsider you will find the best tech tips and products that have been proven the best with extensive testing - on the dyno and the track. We have a complete library of Tech Tips, where you can find industry experts giving demonstrations on products, as well as tips to make your car perform better. 


We also produce the Racing Insiders Podcast every Monday at 7pm EST. You can listen in live, ask questions, and get tips in real time. 

The CrateInsider Story

The Beginning

Kate Dillon originally moved to North Carolina in 2014 to help her dad and brother with the CARS Racing Show. After going to a dyno test and hearing an engine start after many years away from the racing industry, she said it was like smelling grandma's apple pie. An immediate "Honey, I'm home!" moment.

The Wheels Started Turning

To say it's been an adventure ever since is an understatement. Kate had an idea for a website for racers with crate engines. She worked with a couple of partners because she certainly didn’t have the expert tech knowledge that they possessed. None of them knew how to build a website, though they thought, “hey, It can’t be that hard, right? I mean, you just hire a web guy. He or she builds website and boom, there you go.”

We Don't Give Up Here

Well, it is never that simple. The web designer abruptly left, the website was left unfinished, and Kate had a choice to make. The term "giving up" simply isn't in Kate's vocabulary. She decided to suck it up, figure it out, and learn to build a website. 


And that is exactly what she did. From her two bedroom apartment in little ol' Rutherforton, NC, Kate built from the ground up. She started with 30 products and 5 manufacturers. Now, has grown to generate millions in revenue, with over 700 products and 80 manufacturers (and growing)! In 2021, CrateInsider moved to it's new warehouse location where customers can shop either online or in person.

Meet the Team

Kate Dillon

Owner & CEO

Kate has decades of experience in sales, marketing, and the racing industry. Kate is our in house bad-ass. Seriously, this woman is a powerhouse. She is always coming up with new ideas, and definitely understands the demands of owning a small business. Kate grew up in racing and is constantly on the hunt for newest technology and best products for racers.


When not in the actual office, you will probably find her in her home office. If she’s actually taking a break, you may find her kayaking on a flat lake, reading business books (we did say she works a lot, right!?), playing games on her phone, traveling, playing board games with friends, or keeping up with her cat- Pippi.

Tori Radford

Chief Marketing Officer

Tori has her degree in Business Administration, with a minor in marketing. She is our “jack of all trades”, she can switch tasks at the drop of a hat and not miss a beat. She’s constantly keeping us in line here at CrateInsider, and making sure we’re on task. Tori is also our in house Canva and media design expert. You can find her editing images and making the coolest graphics we’ve ever seen.


Tori and her husband, Terry, have two children- Braxton and Addison. When not at work, she can be found with her family. She always has a hot meal on the table, and is an amazing cook! She’s also an animal lover, and has two dogs- Montana and Luke, a cat- Whispers (AKA Tater Salad), as well as chickens! Obviously, Tori is always busy!

Danielle Lookabill

Director of Data Governance, Marketing, and Web Design

Danielle got her Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature from Winthrop University. She was a nanny for 15 years, and after years of managing other people’s lives, she decided to pursue her dream of marketing and web design. Danielle is our in-house wordsmith. She is always busy making sure our products have the best descriptions and the website up to date. Danielle grew up going to motorcross races in her small hometown in South Carolina, and loves the passion racers and fans alike have for the sport.


When not at the office using her pen (or keyboard) as her sword- you can find her soaking in the mountain views with a glass of wine, playing board games with friends, reading a great book, baking delicious treats, or snuggling with her adorable dogs- Max and Willow.