The Racing Insider's Podcast was originally started in February 2019, with the purpose of giving manufacturers the chance to tell their story and their reason for starting their business. It was unfortunately slow to take off and eventually fizzled out. 


During the pandemic, hosts Kate Dillon and Steve Hendren got bored of playing games on their phones, and decided go live on Facebook. They discovered they truly had something. Between Kate's fun personality drawing people in, and Steve's technical knowledge, they drew a crowd. Racers and fans tuned in, asked questions, and they had fun!


The podcast was a simple way to help racer get good, reliable tech information- straight from experts, which is why Crate Insider was started to begin with. Each week Kate Dillon - Owner and CEO of, and Steve Hendren - co-owner of Hendren Racing Engines and a former racer, go live to discuss recent events and answer viewer tech questions. You can watch the podcast live on Mondays at 7pm eastern on YouTube and Facebook, and listen to it over on The Racing Insider's Podcast, and YouTube Music. 

Racing Insiders Podcast