Black Standard Wheel with Tabs - Aluminum - Wide 5 -15x14x5 by Keizer Wheels KZ-MW15145PRB

Keizer Wheels

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15" Diameter x 14" Width x 5" Offset Standard Wheel with Proring Mudcover Tabs for Late Models.

If you didn’t know it, Keizer was the first wheel to integrate mudcover accessories into its outer lip. There is a great story behind it. Integrated mudcover tabs allow this standard wheel to protect itself from mudpack. Replacement pieces are available for the Proring wheels as well.

To date this is still the one and only 3pc Modular Wide 5 racing wheel. Late model, Modifieds, Super Modifieds and more have all figured out the huge strength advantages to this piece! Its unmatched strength and fatigue numbers are just the start of the benefits of this wheel. The one we can all appreciate is our pocket book. This wheel should last a team for a long time and save them more then they paid! Quit tossing your wrecked wheels and start fixing them.

Replacement halves readily available!

Extra Information

Keizer Wheels
15" x 14" x 5"
Standard with Tabs
Black Aluminum