The DIRTcar Racing Series, owned by the World Racing Group, operates 13 different divisions with over 5,000 events per year on more than 120 tracks across the United States and Canada.  Several of the divisions utilize 

Crate engines.  We had the chance to catch up with Competition Administrator, Joe Skotnicki, who told us more about DIRTcar:

CI:  For those who may not be familiar, what are the basics of your series? (Car type, surface, engine, region)

JS:  We have several divisions of cars that race on dirt tracks weekly throughout the United States and Canada 
under the DIRTcar and DIRTcar UMP Banner. Our crate divisions are primarily weekly racing cars with special 
events including two series that feature the GM 602 Crate Engine; the DIRTcar NE Sportsman Modifieds and 
DIRTcar NE Pro Stocks.

CI:  How do your rules align with other similar series?

JS:  DIRTcar’s divisions align well with some other Series. In our Sportsman series, there some tire differences. The Pro Stock division follows the DIRTcar rules for the most part. The Pro Late Models and Pro Modifieds (DIRTcar 
UMP Divisions) face some different challenges, tires, shock absorbers, weights, etc…

CI:  What has been the biggest challenge?

JS:  Maintaining the integrity of a crate engine. A crate engine shouldn’t be purchased then rebuilt. The idea of the crate is to establish and maintain the entry level cost to racing.  Racers will find a way to spend and even the Crate Motors have fallen in to this trap.

CI:  What is the one thing that people misunderstand the most about your role as the Series Director?

JS:  Actually as World Racing Group’s Competition Administrator the role is a little more in-depth because we 
touch so many divisions and so many different racers throughout North America.

CI:  What is your view/opinion of the future of Crate Racing?

JS:  Crate Racing is here to stay.  It’s our job to manage it and make sure we learn from our mistakes and build and take affordable paths for our racers to keep them on race tracks. That’s critical for the future health of the sport.

For more information about DIRTcar, you can visit their website at www.dirtcar.com.