The Indiana Late Model Series is a Dirt Late Model Series using GM602 and GM604 engines.  We spoke with Series Director, Travis Kern, who told us more about the series.

CI:  For those who may not be familiar, what are the basics of your series? (Car type, surface, engine, region)

TK:  We are a Dirt Late Model 604 Crate Series with races in Indiana and Kentucky.  

CI:  Tell us how you came to found the Indiana Late Model Series. 

TK:  We were sanctioned by another body and the racers wanted it to be more regional. So a meeting was held where they decided to have our own membership to go into our point fund.  

CI:  How do your rules align with other similar series?

TK:  Our rules are similar to Nesmith, FASTRAK and UMP, except for tire boundaries.

CI:  What has been the biggest challenge? 

TK:  Our biggest challenge has been car count; Getting to and maintaining 20-24 cars.

CI:  What is the one thing that people misunderstand the most about your role as the Series Director? 

TK:  That we are attempting to keep racing moving in a forward direction.

CI:  What is your view/opinion of the future of Crate Racing? 

TK:  Crate racing is not a fix for the ailing super late model racing in our area, but it needs to be respected in its own realm.

For more information, you can visit the series website at