What's the difference between a Teflon Bearing Seal and a Viton Seal?We talked with Superior Bearings to Learn More About Bearing Seals.

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Kate Dillon: I'm here today with Andrea Rankin McGee from Superior Bearings. Andrea, tell us some of the advantages of a low drag hub seal.

Andrea Rankin M: Well, certainly everybody wants to be a little fast and loose on the track, so what you wanna do is reduce friction and you can do that in two different ways with two different low drag hub seals that we have available for wide five, five on five, and several different styles of front hubs. One is a Teflon lip. That lip is more popular on a steel axle tube because you don't get the grooving that can happen on an aluminum axle tube. Those guys have the luxury of being able to pressure wash their hubs after a race because the other low drag option is our Viton O-ring seal. This one here goes on our wide five hubs. This brown material is an O-ring that really floats on the hub. You don't want to pressure wash with these seals because you do get some water into the hubs, unless you're gonna pull it apart and really repack your bearings and stuff from there. But if you are really good at meticulously cleaning after race, this is the best seal to use because you will have less friction. You can use it on an aluminum tube, on a steel tube, and you'll be going around the track faster than everybody else. Kate Dillon: Well, thank you so much. That was some great information today. And, of course, we sell the seal kit. You know that we do.

Andrea Rankin M: Absolutely, you need to get them at Crate Insider.

Kate Dillon: Absolutely, thanks so much Andrea.