Chassis Set Up Plates by Hammond Motorsports


We caught up with Dave Hammond from Hammond Motorsports to learn more about his Chassis Set Up Plates.


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Kate Dillon:                         I'm here today with Dave Hammond from Hammond Motorsports. Dave, I know we're looking at some chassis setup plates. What can you tell us about them?

Dave Hammond:              With the chassis setup plates, we can work off your car and make sure the wheels are pointed in the right direction. A lot of guys, they don't know if they have toe in or out of the wheel. With these plates, we can work off the chassis center line and actually set the toe per wheel. Then, we can do every setup in the car, with the exception of castor or scale, but you can check the rear end housing, make sure the rear end doesn't get bent on the racetrack. Just hitting a big hole can bend the rear end.

                                                If you wanna do bump steer, now we can do the bump steer the way it actually works by removing a shock spring and take floor jacks and run the car through the motions. Another positive thing that the setup plates have is if you don't understand your rear suspension of your car or your front suspension, simply take a floor jack, remove the shock and spring, run the chassis through the motions, you can plot your movement of your suspension with the setup plates and see what's going on.

Kate Dillon:                         That's great and I know that they've got different little indentations here for your tape measure to go across, and we can see the tape measures on there. These are available for, I think you've got them for late models, models, legends cars. I mean, I don't legends stuff with Crates, but modifieds and late models, correct?

Dave Hammond:              Yes, we have them for the wide five for the late models, dirt, pavement. The modifieds, the five by five, four and three quarter, and the four and a half is all one plate. Then, we do the Mod Lite legends, as well.

Kate Dillon:                         The chassis setup plates come as a set of four, correct?

Dave Hammond:              Yes, they come in a set of four.

Kate Dillon:                         And I believe they have all of the bolts and nuts and everything that you need for that whole setup.

Dave Hammond:              Correct, they do. Mod Lite and Legends is the same plate. They just have different nuts to adapt to your vehicle.

Kate Dillon:                         I love these and I know that they're really solid and I'm very proud to sell them. Thank you for telling us a little bit more information about them.

Dave Hammond:              Well, thank you for coming by. Appreciate it.