R2C Performance has introduced a new oil filter that is perfect for Crates!  We had the chance to speak with R2C’s Ed Sroka to learn more.

CI:  Tell us how you developed this filter.

R2C:  15 months ago, R2C engineers began the design and evaluation process with the goal of producing the finest race engine oil filters in the business. The first order of business was to create a race engine strong end plate, can and outlet design that maximized oil movement and reduced the effort required to move oil through the filters.  Simultaneously, media engineers began the design of a gradient density, micro-glass filter media that offered incredibly high efficiency and also improved on the capacity to hold dirt without creating a impactful rise in pressure drop.  Today, R2C is able to provide racers with the pinnacle of filtration with 15 micron efficiency and over 30 GPM flow rates.  That means your engine receives the highest protection levels and less power is consumed by reducing pre-filter pressure.

CI:  What properties/benefits does the product offer?

R2C:  No longer is it necessary to compromise high oil flow and low restriction for fine dirt stopping ability and added engine protection.

CI:  What kind of performance have you seen?

R2C:  Race engine oil analysis has revealed wear metals at their lowest levels and less particulate moving through the lubrication system.

CI:  How could these filters be a benefit to a Crate engine?

R2C:  Crate engine owners demand cutting edge performance in this intensely competitive spectrum.  Every last horsepower is vital in separating one competitor from the next.   Unmatched levels of engine protection mean longevity and maximum value from their investment.

R2C Oil Filters are Available in our Online Store.