In this tech video, we demonstrate changing valve springs on a GM604 Crate Engine using LSM Racing Products SC-800 Valve Spring Changer.

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In the video, we reference our Valve Lash Adjusting Video.  You can see that video here: Watch Video 

Full Transcript:

Welcome to Crate  In this tech video, we are demonstrating how to change valve springs.  The tool we are using is LSM Racing Products SC-800 Valve Spring Changer.  It’s made of heavy-duty 6061 aluminum, is finished with a durable anodized coating, and is Made in the USA.  Now let’s get started.

To prepare, we have already removed the valve cover as well as the rocker arms and the push rods from the cylinder we are working on.  In order to change the spring, you can either set the piston to top dead center, or you can connect an air line to the spark plug hole.  We have decided to connect an air line.

The tool can be used on engines with a 3/8” stud or a 7/16”.  Since this is a GM604 Crate Engine, we are using the 3/8” adapter.  Next, place the tool on the stud.  The bolts at the top allow you to adjust the tool to the proper clearance so that you can center the tool over the spring.  Once you have set the bolts for your application, the tool can be used multiple times without needing to make any adjustments.  To secure the tool in place, use the rocker arm bolt that was removed earlier.  Place it in the hole, hand tighten and then lock it down with a wrench.  This will keep the tool stable when we apply pressure to the spring.

Rotate the screw to depress the spring.  To get better pressure, you can either use a wrench or, to do the job even faster, you can use LSM Racing Products Speed handle. 

With the spring depressed, use a magnet to remove the valve locks.  We recommend using a magnet so that you don’t take the chance of having the locks fall into the engine.  Now, back off the pressure by rotating the screw in the opposite direction.  Rotate the tool and remove the spring.

To install your new spring, just reverse the process.  With the spring in place, rotate the tool so that it is centered on the spring.  Rotate the wrench or the speed handle to depress the spring.  Now replace the valve locks.  With the locks in place, back off once again.  With the spring now installed, you can remove the rocker arm bolt and you are ready to start the process on the next spring.

When your new springs are installed, be sure to check out our tech video on Adjusting Valves so that you can set them with the correct valve lash.  You can find that video on our site or on our YouTube Channel.  Our website offers many other tech tips and articles to help your racing program.

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