17" 4-Blade Race-Fan


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High performance race fan designed from the ground up utilizing cutting edge technology and materials.  This fan was designed with racers in mind... and their feedback.  

  • The Race-Fan features a universal center hub made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and composite blades for a significant decrease in weight over traditional steel fans.
  • Blades are manufactured using extremely durable high-impact and high-temperature fiber reinforced Zytel®.  On the rare occasion that a blade does become damaged due to a heavy impact etc... the blade can easily be replaced without having to scrap the whole fan!
  • Another feature that the fan provides, is custom cooling configurations for varying weather conditions.  Fans can be configured in the following layoutsHub features 3/8" and 5/16" mounting holes.
    • 2-Blade
    • 3-Blade
    • 4-Blade
    • 6-Blade

This listing is for the 4-Blade racing fan.  Includes one hub and four blades with hardware. It is shipped as a kit.  Assembly required.

    • 1.57lbs / 713g
    • Diameter: 17"
    • High-Temperature Fiber Reinforced Zytel® Blades
    • 6061-T6 Aluminum Hub
    • 3/8" and 5/16" Mounting Holes
    • Aerospace Grade Hardware
    • Made in the USA
    • Patent Pending

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1.57 pounds
High-Temperature Fiber Reinforced Zytel® Blades
6061-T6 Aluminum Hub

    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Thomas Watson on 20th Mar 2019


    17" 4-Blade Race-Fan

    Excellent quality and construction. I replaced a 19" 4-Blade steel factory fan (old school). The 17" 4-Blade Race-Fan definitely moves more air. I used this fan without a shroud with the blades approximately 1 inch from the AFCO extra capacity double pass radiator (Same positioning with the old school fan). The engine is a Chevy 350 with solid lift cam and Dart 49/200 heads (13.5 to 1 compression/510 horsepower). The engine used to run 200 to 210. It now runs 170 to 175. The only other change was moving from an AFCO racing water pump to a Stewart Stage 4 water pump. I am sure that the total temperature decrease was due to both parts, but the fan is certainly a contributing factor. The two work well together. I am certain that the fan alone would result in a decrease in water temperature because I could feel a substantial difference in the amount of air being moved by this fan compared to an old school factory steel fan. It seems counter intuitive that moving more air would result in an increase in horsepower, but I did turn about 300 more RPM with this setup. I would attribute the increase to cooler cylinder temperatures.