2" CRASH PAD with 20" Shoulder Height Back Pad

Crash Pad

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Protect your Spine!

Hard impact on the frame bottom during a crash compresses you into the seat bottom. The weight of your head, helmet, and body act like a pile driver on your rigidly seated spine. The short duration, high G-force impact can cause compression fractures of vertebrae, ruptured discs, broken neck, broken back, and paralysis.

The Solution:
Two things are needed to reduce these Spinal Impact forces:

1. Compressible Material--The downward motion of your body and spine must be slowed down during the impact. 802SAM Shock Absorbing Material in The Crash Pad works like a shock absorber with uniform resistance throughout compression.
2. Compressible Space--Your spine needs room to slow its downward motion. The thickness of the Crash Pad provides the critical compressible space needed to slow your downward motion. 

Product includes a 2 inch 802SAM Shock Absorbing Material Bottom with a 20” X 1” Shoulder Height Back Pad (two 1/2” x 20” of 802SAM with upholstery) in a tough Upholstery adjustable covering.  Adjustable for seats from 18” to 14” width and thickness can be easily adjusted from 2” to 1 1/2” to 1” as necessary by removing 1/2" thick layers.  It is also available in a 3" thickness in a separate listing.

Why is 2” standard if 3” is best ?

So, why is the standard product bottom pad only 2” thick?   
Many drivers do not have the headroom for the 3” pad.   
The 2” pad is what many have used and it is most economical for the buyer to not have to buy extra material that will not be used.   

Extra Information

Crash Pad
5.4 lbs
22 × 19 × 5 in
2" Thick Bottom x 20" Shoulder Height