AFCO 80184NDP-U Lightweight Radiator for Modifieds 19x26

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AFCO’s new lightweight radiator uses a 1.5” thick core.  It features a thinner one row core over the same cooling contact area as a standard double pass radiator. Because of the thinner core, it has a higher air flow across the radiator which gives you better cooling.  These radiators will cool as good or better than a standard radiator while shaving 11 pounds off the front of the car.  11 pounds off the front of the car allows you to move more weight closer to the center of the car, improving handling, and speeding up lap times. 

This radiator features a universal inlet  and a standard 1.75” outlet.  Fittings are available in a separate listing.  Overall size is 19" x 26"

Product weight is 17.5 pounds.  







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