Anti-Reversion Mufflers-How They Work and How to Install Them (Video)

We had the chance to meet with Ben Baker from Dynatech Headers and talk about our torque boosting Anti-Reversion mufflers. You can find them here:

Full Transcript:
I'm Kate with Crate and today we're at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in the Dynatech booth and if you look at our site at all you know that we do a lot of work with Dynatech. We love their headers. I'm here with Ben Baker from AFCO and Dynatech and he's gonna talk to us a little bit about the torque boosters (anti-reversion mufflers).

So we have over the years, we've worked with Hendren Racing Engines on developing this program. and basically what a torque booster is, it's an anti-reversion system. So what happens in exhaust is as the engine runs, as it makes two pulses out with the exhaust and then one pulse in, then as you, so what this muffler does, basically is the step in that puts back pressure in the engine, it catches it and keeps it from building pressure in the tubes and helps the scavenging and makes more torque. Where you really see the big advantage in these is in your lower rpm ranges of your engine. So like restarts and real slow speed corners that you need a lot of torque off the corner this system really helps a lot anything from the crate engines to even the open modifieds, the USMTS cars. We do a lot of work with this system as well.

Yeah, and let's talk about installation for a moment. We were talking about that because obviously there's only one way for it to go on and I see one thing you can't see. I'll probably get another shot so we can see this but there is actually a flow sticker in the inside of these. But if yours, perhaps the sticker fell off...what can you tell us- tips and tricks about how to install these.

So one of the things you can look for, like Kate said, is the flow decal in the reversion muffler. On this particular muffler it's pretty easy to figure out which way it goes. It will only go on the header one direction. It's a 3-inch and then it's like a three and a half. It'll only go on one direction. Some of them have the three and a half to four. You can get that backwards, so what you can do is look inside of it and you'll see that one side the exhaust flow can easily pass through it, and then the other side you'll see there's an opening around like a cylinder and you wanna have it where the flow can easily pass through the reversion and not catch into the inner cylinder itself.

Thanks Ben. It's been fun being here at the show and being in the Dynatech booth and I'll have links down below the descriptions so you can click right on over to the torque boosters and thanks for watching.