Common Cooling Mistakes (Video)

Published by Crate Insider on 22nd Mar 2017

In this video, we talk with Ben Baker from AFCO about ways to avoid overheating your radiator.


I'm Kate from I'm here today with cooling expert Ben Baker from AFCO Racing. One question I have for you, what are the biggest mistakes that you see racers making when it comes to cooling? The biggest mistake is they think that more passes is better. In a lot of cases you can put to many passes in a radiator you know as opposed to doing like a single, double. A lot of guys think well doubles better so a triples gotta be even better. And a lot of cases you'll find that they will actually a lot hotter with the triple. And that's just because they're spinning the water pumps to fast and getting the water too fast across the core of the radiator, and not giving it enough time to cool down. I know when we're talking with off camera you also mentioned that if it radiator gets too hot. Love for you to talk about that. If you have issues with the engine running hot or you blow a head gasket or you break an engine. One of things you gotta be really careful of is looking at that radiator. Hold it up in the light get it clean and see if the tubes have expanded in the radiator. A lot of times if you break a head gasket you can have that engine compression get in the tubes and expand that tube to where it blocks off the air flow from going to the radiator. The other big issue I see with racers at tracks is they get the engine hot and the number one thing that they all wanna do is pour water over the radiator to cool the engine down. Well at that point you got the inside of the fins and everything in that radiator coated in water. So the next time you go to the race track it's just a traction for the dirt. It’s just going to clog up instantly and your gonna have a heating problem again. So, if you feel like you have to cool the thing down with water. It's best to just change that radiator because you're never gonna get it dry in time to race again. Thank you so much Ben. I really appreciate your insight today. Watch out for all the AFCO products we have in the store. Have a great day.