Daytona 1 Engine Oil Additive

Daytona 1 XL-1 Engine TreatmentDaytona 1's products are developed by NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee,
Buck Parker. Parker is an expert on lubrication, especially in applications to reduce parasitic drag. The XL-1 Engine Treatment has been proven to increase horsepower by an average of 6-8 hp in dyno testing. While we focus on the racing application at Crate Insider, this treatment can also be used in street cars to increase engine life. We are so impressed with this product that we worked with the company to find a way to carry it in our online store.

  • Helps increase engine life
  • Helps increase horsepower
  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps improve overall performance
  • Helps protect during cold starts
  • Helps dramatically reduce friction
  • Helps reduce operating temperature
  • Helps reduce wear
  • Helps reduce engine noise and vibration
  • Helps protect metal surfaces from galling should lubrication be lost
  • Compatible with most synthetic and mineral-based oils
  • 100% concentrate additive is cleaner
  • Will NOT void manufacturer’s warranty

Dyno Results

The graph below shows chassis dyno testing with a GM 604 engine. The black line is the baseline test prior to adding the XL-1 Engine Treatment. The red line shoes the results with the treatment. In this text, the engine gained over 8 hp and nearly 4 foot pounds of tourque at max power.