New Grip-Bite Tire Prep System by Daytona 1

Designed by NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee, Buck Parker, Daytona 1’s Grip-Bite Tire Treatment System has spent 3 years in development. His goal was to create an effective tire prep system that would be also be environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. He met his goal and the products also have virtually no odor. For the past year, the products have been tested on dirt and asphalt and have been used on Circle Track Tires as well as Karting and Drag Racing Tires. The products are now ready to be released to the public.

Grip-Bite products are not softeners and do not degrade the rubber like other products. In fact, Grip-Bite only alters Durometer readings on an average of 3-4 points (though tires can differ). The treatments are based on Elastomers, so they restore, add new life, and give super bite and grip.

The four products include a cleaner (Aqua), a qualifying prep (Red), an inside tire prep (Green), and an outside tire prep (Blue).

For application instructions, you can view our video:

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products, they are available in our online store here: Daytona 1 Grip Bite Products

Note: At Crate Insider, we have a strong anti-cheating philosophy. The information contained here is intended for the many racers who run with series or tracks that allow tire prep. It is not intended to promote cheating, as many series have outlawed tire prepping products.

Daytona 1 Grip Bite Tire Treatment Products