New Product - Willy's Carbs Smartphone App (Video)

Willy's Carbs & Dyno Shop has developed a new smartphone app. Now you have a carburetor expert at your fingertips at the racetrack.

The app provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions, provides Engine Tuning Tips, and includes an Air Density Calculator that you can use at the track to adjust your carburetor accordingly.

The App sells for $0.99 and is available in the Google Play Store for Androids and the iTunes App Store for Apple devices.


Full Transcript:

Kate Dillon: I'm Kate with I'm here today with Willy Krup from Willy's Carb and Dyno. Willy, you've come up with a new smartphone app. Tell us a little bit about it.

Willy Krup: It's a great tool. It's going to be on the iTunes and also available for the Android phones. What it does, it's like having us with you for technical help all the time. We're open from 8 to 5, and whenever you call and you've got a technical question or a product line question or just anything to do with fuel system related or engine related, we can help you free through the shop.

The app here allows all of our technical questions. We made a real long list of all the common Q and As, and what we've done is you can scroll through there and search and find all the common questions. Whatever you've got going on with your race car, whether you're looking for a new product or a specific application, all that's in the app. Like today, we're tuning today on the chassis dyno and we always look at what's called corrected altitude. That's a measurement of how much oxygen content's in the air.

Once we get the engine tuned properly today at a certain corrected altitude, as we go race at different elevations, different places around the United States, and also our atmosphere changes from summer, fall, spring. We've got the hotter weather and more humidity. What this does, in this app, it corrects and tells you what you need to do to the carburetor as far as lean and rich to keep the motor properly tuned.

Kate Dillon: I think that's one of the neatest things about your app is this altitude correction portion. I guess you pushed calculate air density, and then you pushed this other button and okay and allow. Tell us which of these numbers that we really need to be looking at.

Willy Krup: What it does is it finds your location, it finds the nearest airport near you. So it takes all the data from that airport. Right there is says it's got density altitude. Density altitude and corrected altitude is the same terminology. Like today, here at 1,276 feet, corrected altitude. So we've got the motor properly tuned up today. Now as we go race at different locations, all we've got to do is a simple touch of the screen and we can look and see is our motor going to be rich or lean today, and we'll correct it accordingly.

Kate Dillon: That's great, Willy. I have to say my favorite part is your frequently asked questions. I hear several of those questions a lot, like what happens if I'm stumbling on the corner, or I'm running too lean or running too rich, and you've addressed all of that. I like that a lot.

Willy Krup: I believe so. There's going to be some I'm sure that we're going to miss, but right now the biggest thing somebody can do is download this app to their phone. It's $0.99 and they're going to have this with them. If there's some down the road that we need to add to our library, we can.

Kate Dillon: I noticed you also cover modifies, late models, crates, supers, you've really covered the whole range of all the different kind of cars that you work with.

Willy Krup: Absolutely. What we've learned over the years with crate engines, open engines, we've got a tune up in there that we're sharing with you. What spark plug, what spark plug gap, what timing number it needs to be at, what carburetor it needs to be on. Things that we've learned over the years, we've shared to the app.

Kate Dillon: I think this is all fantastic, Willy. I think this is a great addition to anybody's racing program. Thank you so much for meeting with me today.

Willy Krup: Thank you.

Kate Dillon: Oh, you bet.