New Product - Willy's Rollover Plate

In this interview, Willy Krup from Willy's Carbs & Dyno explains his new Rollover Kit. This device prevents fuel from leaving the carburetor in the event of a rollover--reducing the risk of an engine fire.

The rollover kit is available for both 2-barrel carbs and 4-barrel carbs. You can see each at the following links:



Full Transcript

I'm Kate with Crate I'm here at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Willy's Carbs & Dyno booth. Willy, you've got something brand new and I'd love for you to tell us about it.

Absolutely. What we've got here is a rollover device. In case a race car ever rolls over at a race track, it keeps all the fuel inside of the carburetor. What causes the fires at these race tracks is our fuel leaves carburetor, gets all over the hot engine and now the car's upside down. And the crew is trying to get the driver out of the race car. Now he's got to deal with a fire. What we've got here is a very simple inexpensive device. We're going to show you a quick video here--show you how it works. This carburetor here is full of fuel freshly off the dyno. Normally, if we hold it upside down, fuel is going to run everywhere. We keep all the fuel contained inside the bowls. You see here how much fuel is actually inside these carburetors. It's enough to burn down a race car, enough for a safety crew to deal with. The part that we've come up with is a plate that goes in between the metering block and the main body. And what it has is some shut off discs. As we rotate the discs here, you'll see how the fuel stays shut off. But yet it doesn't change any of the carburetor function throughout the race track. As a racer uses this all year long, the way the system is made, the discs never gets any kind of, doesn't stick, doesn't bind up, and it's a really easy serviceable item. It comes with all the hardware here too so it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to install each end.

Great! Can this be used on basically any kind of a carburetor?

Yeah, if it's any Holley base carburetor whether it's 2-barrel, 4-barrel, alcohol, gasoline, E-85, crate carburetors, open carburetors it doesn't matter. This thing fits my competitor’s carburetors along with any kind of a stock type carburetor.

Thank you so much, Willy. What a great safety device and I look forward to having this in our Crate Insider store. So have a great show.

Alright. Thanks so much Kate.