NEW | Willy's Vented Fuel Cap

NEW | Willy's Vented Fuel Cap

Published by Crate Insider on 10th May 2024

Today, we're taking a look at a new product here at Crate Insider, the Vented Fuel Cell Cap from Willy's Carbs and Dyno. This was originally developed for use with the Super Bowl System, but can be used without it. This fuel cell cap was designed to allow air pressure to release from your fuel cell and encourage continuous flow, prevent carburetor stumbles, and the install could not be easier. 

Prevent Carb Stumbles

Have you ever experienced a caution late in a race you're possibly leading, and after the caution - when it's time to go, your carburetor stumbles and you lose the race? Later on, after cleaning out the system, you've got the power back. That stumble can cost you that race.

If that has happened to you, you're definitely going to want to check out this product as a solution. 

Development of the Vented Fuel Cell Cap

Willy's found that with their Super Bowl System, they were pumping the excess fuel coming from the carb back to the fuel cell, like in a bypass regulator system. What would happen is that fuel was also pumping air, and when you are pumping fuel and air, you're creating air pressure in that fuel cell. In order to work properly, you need to be able to vent that fuel cell. So, Willy's created the Fuel Cell Vent. While it is great, and works incredibly well- to install it you have to deal with the process of removing your fuel cell plate. 

That's where the vented fuel cell cap comes in. This is meant for any fuel cells with a screw-in cap, it is not effective for caps with a quarter turn. What happens then, is that your vented fuel cell cap releases that air pressure so that you can have continuous flow. If you don't do that, the excess fuel is prevented from going into the fuel cell, and that's when you can end up flooding your carburetor and cause stumbles. 


This fuel cell cap makes it very easy to install, you are simply replacing your fuel cell cap. So there is no long, involved process of taking the fuel cell apart. It is hose-less, you don't need an external vent. All of the venting you need is happening with this cap. 

All the Fuel Cell Venting You Need in One Easy Solution

We can really say, you can not over vent your fuel cell . This is a great solution for racers using the Super Bowl System, and those without it. If you have ever thought your carb was stumbling late in the race, or running hot, it could come down to a venting issue. The Willy's Vented Fuel Cell Cap is solving an issue that we have had for a long time. 

You can purchase the Willy's Venting Fuel Cell Cap on our website here.