Product Spotlight - E3 Lithium Batteries

Product Spotlight - E3 Lithium Batteries

Published by Crate Insider on 18th May 2023

Crate Insider's Kate Dillon had the chance to speak to E3 Spark Plug's Rob Fisher about their new product. E3 is proud to announce a new line of lithium batteries. These new batteries are super light, weighing in at only 6.9 pounds for the Superlite 1200, and 8.9 pounds for the Superlite 1600

E3 has worked diligently to ensure that these are the safest batteries on the market. The form of lithium used (lithium iron phosphate) is much more stable than other batteries. E3 also introduced an Internal Battery Management System, which monitors individual cells. This keeps the cells in balance and protects against over charging, over discharging (draining the battery to zero), excessive cranks, short circuits, excessive heat, and all other issues that damage lithium cells.

You can never over discharge this battery, making this battery the safest on the market today. If you completely over discharge a lithium battery (drain it to zero), on the recharge you can have serious issues. Because this battery has protections against over discharging, you are much safer.

E3 has also partnered with OptiMate for the battery charger. The OptiMate Lithium Battery Charger is compatible with E3 Lithium Batteries. OptiMate contains a Battery Managment System button that will reset any code that the race car gives the battery system to ensure the battery to ensure the battery is always in top performance. Optimate Lithium 4s 10A, the advanced battery charger with TUNE mode for diagnostics or up-dating programming – The ultimate lithium charger for race car owners!

Born from cutting edge nanoscale materials, chosen by the world’s super car manufacturers, and proven on the Formula 1 & NASCAR podiums, the next generation of lithium starter batteries have arrived. Leaving lead-acid, AGM, and even traditional lithium-ion batteries languishing in the dust, E3 Lithium is a quantum leap ahead in the power supply market.

By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, E3 Lithium Batteries offer outstanding cycle life, high charge acceptance, and up to an 80% weight reduction over lead-acid batteries in addition to outstanding cranking power unmatched in the industry.