QA1's New Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

We LOVE New Products--especially when they are designed especially for Crates. QA1 has done just that.

QA1's new 2.25" Carbon Fiber Driveshaft was designed for Crate Late Models and Dirt Modifieds. They are lighter, safer, and stronger than either aluminum or steel driveshafts. Special attention has been given to every aspect of this driveshaft.

QA1 is the only manufacturer to use 7075 aluminum for the tube yokes. 7075 aluminum is stronger than the standard 6061 aluminum. The stronger tube yokes allow for maximum rear suspension movement. They are designed to allow high U-joint misalignment angles while still retaining strength. The forged tube yokes are precision CNC machined. They were also specially developed for QA1's 11-step bonding procedure. High strength alloy Universal joints are used to increase reliability and longetivity.

The bonding resin is another component where a lot of attention was focused. QA1 worked with the adhesive experts at 3M to develop their exclusive 3M Matrix Resin. It was designed for specifically for motorsports and utilizes spherical nanoscale silica that provides higher compressive strength, abrasion resistance, longevity, and minimal moisture absorption for increased torque. The distictive blue tint of the driveshaft is a result of the resin.

Before being released to the market, the driveshafts were track tested for an entire season. The tests resulted in multiple wins and zero failures. Every driveshaft is subjected to rigorous testing during and after production to ensure consistent quality. Each driveshaft is precision balanced for smooth, vibration-free operation, which also extends U-joint life.

Check out the video to learn more.