Show Me the Dyno Sheet!

schaeffer10w30.jpgWondering how we select products for the store?

From the very beginning, the core purpose of starting was to provide a reliable resource for the Crate Racing Industry. We know there are a lot of wild claims out there about the effectiveness of certain products. I tend to refer to those claims as "voodoo magic" or "fairy dust" and we don't want any of those here. When we hear something too good to be true, our first response is to ask for the dyno sheet with the proof. If the answer includes phrases like "that's proprietary" or it's a "trade secret" we know it is completely false. And, you won't find those products here.

We have vetted each and every product to make sure it is something we can stand behind and are proud to recommend!

If you want to see a couple of products with the associated dyno sheets, check out Schaeffer's 711 Oil or Daytona 1's XL-1 Engine Treatment

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