Tech Tip | How to Rebuild a 3-Piece Wheel

Tech Tip | How to Rebuild a 3-Piece Wheel

Published by Crate Insider on 24th Apr 2023

We love our Keizer Wheels for many reasons, but being able to rebuild them is our favorite. In this video dirt late model driver, Matt Henderson, shows us the steps involved in fixing a pretty banged up wheel.

Hey guys, Matt Henderson here checking in from Crate Insider. Today we want to do a little tech video. A lot of times, when we crash, we wreck our wheels and you know a lot of times you just scrap them and throw them away. So today we're actually going to show a Keizer Wheel that you take apart to repair the bent or affected pieces. Sometimes the outer edge like this one a friend of mine wrecked with and destroyed is, you know, killed. Probably as bad if not worse than I've ever seen. Sometimes, we break the inside if the tire rod breaks and gets into the inner wheel. Either way, all these pieces are replaceable. So today, we're gonna take you through the steps of taking it apart, putting it back together to where it's usable again. So as you can see the extent of the damage, this wheel get folded up around so much that they actually take a sledgehammer and beat to where they could get the studs to get the wheel off the car. So you know, it'll be a miracle really, if we can get this apart without having to take the saws all on and physically cut the wheel in two just to get to where we can take the ring apart from the inner shell. Okay, so to take a wheel apart from Kaiser, you need a 3/16 Allen wrench socket (you can do it manually but it's a lot more work), a 1/2" wrench, box cutter, and because of the damage we may have to assist this one coming apart with a hammer. So let's get started. 

This is a new half wheel that we got from Keizer. We keep these in stock here at Crate Insider. Now we're going to piece it all back together, seal it up, and get it ready to go back on the racetrack. We're going to put the inner shell against the outer shell and line them up , and then our unison ring here goes in and it has this dowel area to keep them lined up.

Okay, so now we got our wheel back together again. And the last step is you take and you reglue it with just some clear silicone and just basically to seal it back up from being apart and always clean the surface on the use side whether it's the outer shell or the inner shell, just clean it up scrape the previous glue off of it that well you got to clean mating surface and then it's ready to go back together. And that's our finished product here. We replaced an outer shell of this wheel. It saves a racer a boatload of money from having to replace the whole entire wheel. And you know the way it is now that's what you're looking for is the best way to race for less. So these are available at or you can stop by the storefront and pick them up.