Tech Tip | Selecting the Right Tire Pressure Gauge

Tech Tip | Selecting the Right Tire Pressure Gauge

Published by Crate Insider on 18th Apr 2023

In this video we hear from dirt late model driver, Matt Henderson. Matt explains the importance of knowing your tire pressure, and selecting the right tire pressure gauge.

Hey guys, Matt Henderson here, checking in from our friends at Crate Insider. Today I want to talk about tire pressure and tire pressure gauges. Tire Pressure is a lot of times overlooked as an adjustment tool, but it automatically adjusts as spring rate in the tire, which is a real thing. So you know, you can make an air pressure adjustment, soften up a corner and change the characteristics of the race car. But also, you need to know what the true tire pressure is and have a consistent way of doing it. So Longacre offers the BasicSemi Pro, and Pro Digital Tire Gauges. And the reason that digital matters is the mechanical style doesn't have the consistency that the digital does, and it's manufacturing processes, and that's not a slam on any manufacturer. They all have the same problems in making the manual but the digital fixes a lot of that. The basic is a good tire gauge for your all around weekend warrior. Nothing wrong with using this but it is within 0.08% accurate. That is a huge variation if you're trying to really dial your racecar in are going from tire gauge, to tire gauge, to tire gauge on your scales. You're only going to be within 0.08%. On the Semi Pro you get within 0.05% accuracy, and on a Professional 0.03% accuracy. So, adjusting tire pressure does change spring rate and so if you are three pounds off from where you think you are, the characteristics of your race cars change and you go to fighting issues you're not really having just because you're getting the wrong reading from a tire gauge I strongly suggest you looking at what you have especially since we're just getting started in a new year new season. See what you got and consider buying a updated digital tire gauge. These are available and in stock at Crate Insider, available at and at the storefront at 592 South Main Street, Rutherfordton, NC. Thank you for checking in with us. 

Basic Digital Tire Gauge

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