Where Are the Cheater Bolts?

Published by Crate Insider on 1st Jun 2014

The quick answer? Not here. Nor will you find balanced cranks, reground cams, or any of the other cheater parts.

The longer answer? Whether it is racing related or not, there will always be cheaters out there. In my view, cheating destroys racing. There are stories upon stories of racing classes that no longer exist because cheating got out of hand. Crate Insider.com was created to support Crate Racing by providing racers with technical information that simply did not exist on the web. This has now extended to providing a store that contains high-performance products specifically designed for Crates.

We are fully aware of the controversies that surround Crate racing in some segments of the country and we are equally aware that cheating happens--though we believe that it is not nearly as rampant as detractors claim. Many of you have spoken with us about wanting to learn as much as possible to run LEGALLY, and that is what you will continue to get from us.

Of course, rules will vary from series to series, so everything we offer may not apply to your particular conditions. However, the cheaters will need to go elsewhere because there won't be any cheater bolts here.