Willy's Super Bowl

Willys Super Bowl LogoWilly's Super Bowl is truly an innovation for the racing industry. It is the first carburetor bowl with no float and no needle and seat. Check out the video links below to see it in action.

Fuel enter the bowl through the inlet side (on the right). The liquid level is then mechanically held to a certain height regardless of being wide open or cornering. Once the liquid reaches the maximum height, it flows over into the exit cavity and returns to the fuel cell.

Watch the Explanation by Willy himself about how it works:

Here's a Video showing the Willy's Super Bowl on the Dyno:

And compare that to What happens to Fuel with a Regular Carb Bowl

To contact Willy's, you can visit their website at http://willyscarb.com/ or give them a call at 618-262-8021.