DAYlube Grease Syringe New Formula


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DAYlube is a high performance, highly stable lubricant that delivers unmatched performance, durability, and wear resistance. NanoCeramic particles--the key component--act as submicroscopic ball bearings that have an affinity for steel due to their crystalline molecular structure, providing continuous lubrication at the surface. The grease offers a Lower Coefficient of Friction at all temperatures. It provides exceptional resistance to extreme pressures and corrosion.

Ideal for Bearings, Bushings, Axle Splines, Drive Plates, Rod Ends, Universal Joints, Jack Screws, etc.

Features & Benefits
- Staying Power-extraordinary adhesion extends production to 10 times that of other greases. 
- Shear Stability-does not soften or run out. After 100,000 production strokes, shows no evidence of breaking down. 
- Operating Temperatures-operates in a normal range from -40° F to +800° F, plus ceramic particles remain intact up to 2500° F. 
- Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Protection-resists EP, provides exceptional stability without using lead, antimony, chlorine, zinc, barium, etc. 
- Corrosion Resistant-resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals. 
- High Dropping Point-maintains viscosity across full temperature range. 
- Low Coefficient of Friction-lower than PTFE greases. 
- Chemically Inert-environmentally friendly. 
- Low Dielectric Constant-excellent insulator. 
- Resilient-upon cooling returns to original viscosity after reaching dropping point.





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