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Daytona 1 Grip Bite Black Traction

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If your track/series allows tire prepping, the Grip-Bite family of products is excellent choice. Unlike the toxic treatments on the market, Daytona 1 has made Grip-Bite environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor.  

A product that works quick! Overnight. Treat your tires today and race tomorrow (for most tires)

Yes, it's a very aggressive product and normally drops the Durometer reading about 4 points (depending on the tire) with one treatment.  

WHAT'S BETTER, it gives you Grip and Bite without sitting all week.



  1. Buff or Grind as normal;
  2. Strip using Aqua X
  3. Let dry, bone dry
  4. Apply Black Traction using a small nap roller or spray.
  5. Wrap with plastic (If you have several days before racing)
  6. If racing within a day or so, leave unwrapped and lay tire on side and let dry


72 OZ Bottle

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