Daytona 1

Daytona 1 PTRO 15W-40 Semi-Synthetic Crate Racing Oil Change Kit

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7 quarts of oil and a Wix 51061r Filter

Daytona 1's Crate Oil (15W40) has a high quality base stock infused with specialized synthetic components and defrictionators that allow control of shear, wear, viscosity specs, and technology for lifter control. It also has the ultimate additive package to include a tri-zinc combination for added wear protection at high temperatures. What puts this Race Oil over the top is that it also includes the XL-1 Engine Treatment Race Package that virtually removes parasitic drag from the engine, further stops wear, lowers running temperatures, and increases horsepower and torque. We recommend this oil to be operated at 265 degrees and below. This oil can be used with all race fuels including Methanol. 


Using this oil properly almost guarantees you to never wear out an engine. You may break something but there is technology built into these oil to virtually protect most all wear points in an engine.


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