Falcon Roller Slide Transmission - 10-Spline - REM Polished

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Gliding on Roller Bearings, the Falcon Roller Slide Transmission telescopes 5 ½” at the rear yoke allowing your driveline and suspension the freedom to move forward and rearward without inducing or limiting roll steer. The Roller Slide has all the advantages of more drive line travel and less maintenance, while being durable enough to handle the tough environment of todays racing.

As with all Falcon Transmissions, the rollerslide provides two speeds forward, reverse, and an integral hydraulic applied clutch, which operates low and reverse. High gear is a direct drive 1 to 1 ratio.  Well-lubricated, frictionless bearings support all rotating components for superior durability.

This transmission includes the 10-Spline 1-piece input shaft.  Internals are REM polished.

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