GO Lithium 16 Volt Lithium Racing Battery & Charger Package

GO Lithium

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GEN 2 is here!

While designing the 9 LB GO Lithium Battery, the engineers have achieved the perfect balance between Price, Power, Reliability and Weight.

The reliable GO Lithium Prismatic Lithium Cells have been in service and battle tested for 10 years... No other Lithium battery manufacturer can claim that !!

The GO Lithium 16V battery is incredibly powerful, recharges quickly, and weighs in at only 9 pounds!  It features an Incredibly Flat Energy Discharge Curve, Faster Cranking Speed, Ultra Hot Ignition Spark and Higher Sustained Voltage.  With the GO Lithium Battery, you will be making the same horsepower from the drop of the green to victory circle due to improved ignition performance with Zero Voltage/Horsepower drop throughout a 100 lap race.


This item ships directly from the manufacturer in Minnesota.

This is the ONLY lithium battery on the market based on prismatic technology.  Prismatic cells are more durable and are able to store more power in a smaller area.  It is also internally balanced.  This ensures that the battery discharges and charges the five prismatic cells equally. Cell balancing on the battery increases the lifespan of the product dramatically.

If you are looking for ultimate performance battery, the GO Lithium Racing Battery is the one for you.

The package includes the GO Lithium 16 Volt Battery and the GO Lithium 16 Volt Battery Charger

Battery Features

  • 16 Volt
  • No Internal Wiring
  • Large Scale Billet Terminals
  • 1150 Cranking
  • 20 AMP Hours of Reserve Power
  • Superior Prismatic Cell Technology
  • 10 Year Service Life
  • Internal Battery Management Circuitry
  • Only 9 Pounds
  • Alternator Compatible - 100 AMP maximum with a max charge voltage of 17.75
  • Small Impact Resistant Case Size of 8.75" x 6.95" x 3.00"

Charger Features

  • 16V High Speed charger
  • 10 amp hour charge rate
  • Multiple LED State of charge indicator
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Microprocessor controlledPackage Includes
  • One 16 Volt GO Lithium Battery
  • One GO Lithium 16 Volt Charger
  • Full 1 Year Replacement and Three year Prorated Warranty for any manufacture defects !
    *If damaged by user, discounted repairs/rebuilds for LIFE of product*


Non- Stocking Item-This item ships directly from the manufacturer in Minnesota. 


Extra Information

GO Lithium
Lithium Battery & Charger
9 lbs